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Find out what optimizing your registration process for higher conversion would generate in terms of additional customers and their associated value.

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4,000 sign-ups per month

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€400 per sign-up

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Customer LTV
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Just plug in how many new customers sign up with you today and how much each new customer is worth and you will see how much value Regily brings under various conversion uplift assumptions.

Drop a line to if you got any questions about the calculation or would like to get more information about switching to Regily.


You’re not alone! CLTV can be complex to understand and even more complex to calculate. The general definition is that the CLTV is the net present value of all revenue less direct costs that the average customer generates during its lifetime as a customer.

Many of our partners have CLTVs around 500eur, but the main reason we created this Calculator is that we wanted to prove how much value Regily adds also for partners with significantly lower CLTVs.

We are generally able to deliver a conversion increase of between 10-20%. Some partners get a much bigger conversion increase (our record is 516%) and others are off to a slower start.

You can, however, be 100% sure that Regily will increase your conversion rate. Conversion increase is guaranteed which means that if you a/b-test our registration vs your existing one – you won’t have to pay if our value isn’t proven.

We are registration geeks who use technology and design to help you convert more customers with a better registration. The framework personalizes the registration for each of your users and gives you data you can trust while improving conversion rates over time. More than 29 million sign-ups have been processed through our framework.

If you haven’t already, you should send a message to and he will help you get started.

The process is like this:

  1. Your current registration or the one you’re planning to build is assessed by experts
  2. A new flow with your own branding and our deep technology is configured by us
  3. With a single line of code on your website, your new registration will be launched and giving you the same data as before

Conversion increase is guaranteed, you will grow faster with Regily.

Regily is focused on one thing only: Improving your registration flow. So, by definition, we will always do it better than your do-it-yourself (DIY) solution - and we have data and customer testimonials to back it up!

  • All our clients had pre-existing registration flows that they tried to optimize as much as they could - and Regily still delivers a significant conversion increase
  • We take care of everything through one simple integration - no large one-off development project and no ongoing maintenance from your end
  • We are including certain third-party data services that you might be paying separately for right now, making the financial upside even greater
  • On top of this, we have integrations with the world’s best verification services that you can seamlessly add to your subscription