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Patrik Arnesson CEO, Forza Football

Forza Football

“Regily is for everyone who does sign-ups, particularly on mobile. I believe in focus on your core. If your core is not making sign-ups, you should get help doing it”


“We have grown fast by giving our users a great experience in every part of our product. Partnering up with Regily was a no-brainer, we loved the flow and already from day one 12% more users signed up”

Tobias CarlssonCEO, Rhinoceros operations
+ 12%
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“The most important thing is that we achieved excellent results from day one. Regily are a team of experts and we know that our flow will stay best in class with them”

Hendrik HansenBusiness Analyst, Aurajoki Nordic
+ 35%
conversion increase

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