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Brains behind the Flowbrain

Facts about Regily

Sign-ups processed so far

Our framework's success is backed by tons of behavioral data point. We're processing registrations from over 99% of available devices in nearly every part of the world


Born in Sweden

Founded in Stockholm with the ambition to make signing up smarter and more enjoyable, Regily has been nominated one of the 50 hottest startups in Sweden



Every month we receive sign-ups from nearly every country in the world. We're convinced that localized experiences are a major key to global growth for online businesses


Conversion increase record

A massive improvement for sure, but this is only the beginning. Will you be our next record breaking success?


Countries and counting

Regily could not have come this far if geography and distance would limit our team of world class talents. We're a fully remote company and enjoy collaborating across time zones


Cities we live in

Most north: Västerås, Sweden Most south: Marrakesh, Morocco Most east: Minsk, Belarus Most west: Marbella, Spain



Our first launch was a German mobile sign-up flow which immediately increased results. Since then volumes and efficiency have continued to grow month over month


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Our story

How a bad airport experience sparked the idea of fun registrations