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Convert more affiliate traffic with Regily Remote

Enable leads to register with your brand directly on affiliate's website by eliminating unnecessary redirections.

Seamless onboarding

Instant conversion

Better affiliate ranking

Redirecting affiliate traffic causes drop-offs

A route for affiliate traffic where the customer leaves the affiliate site to sign up on the brand page introduces a potential drop-off point. Each drop-off at this stage increases conversion cost significantly.

Remote sign-up increases affiliate conversion

With Regily Remote the sign-up can be completed directly on the affiliate site which creates a better experience for the customer, leading to higher conversion rates for both the affiliate and operator.

Faster sign-up

Minimizing the time and redirects required to complete the registration


The solution is compliant in all jurisdictions to protect your operations and your users

Control your data

No data is being stored by us or the affiliate giving you full control over data collection

Fully customizable

White-labeled for your brand and full control over appearance over multiple channels

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Regily Remote is our compliant turnkey solution that enables users to sign-up to your brand directly on affiliates websites, triggering the registration flow directly on top of the site.

It provides a secure and compliant framework that is adapted for new legislation and has control over your sign-up flow, data, and brand guidelines support.

Regily Remote is the best solution to optimize affiliate traffic conversion for companies and businesses that work with affiliate marketing:

  • iGaming and sports betting companies
  • Fintech companies
  • Subscription-based businesses
  • Aviation, transport and logistics companies
  • Technology companies

And many more…

You can increase your affiliate conversion rate significantly by using a remote sign-up solution. The landing page for your advert on an affiliates website should provide the user with the option to sign-up to your service, with no friction or re-directs.

It is easy to start using Regily Remote. The set up is easy and will radically increase conversion on your affiliate traffic - two aspects we know everyone likes.

Connect with us and we'll set up everything up for you!

The conversion increase for partners using remote is varying depending on the vertical, brand and seasonality. Our best case to date received an increase of over 500%.