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The worlds
best data sources

Built-in smartness
and localization

Unique mobile
friendly interface

Grow faster with
a registration flow
customers love

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We make
registrations easy


We preconfigure your flow

We ensure you get the same data back as you do today, without boring forms and with a true localized experience


Add one line of code

Simply place our tag in the <head> of your page

Guaranteed conversion increase

A/B test us and only pay once our value is proven


Get a registration flow customers love

Your new signup is ready and will give you increased growth from day one


Guaranteed conversion increase

A/B test us and only pay once our value is proven

It’s time to
replace boring forms

Make your funnel more likable and grow your business

Unique interface

Being built with smartphones in mind the interface is effective with all devices.

Its unique structure drives user interaction and its flexibility allows our smartness and data to be used seamlessly, increasing conversion rates from day one.

Continuous learning

The built-in smartness is not just static localization and smart logic but actually learns and adapts over time.

We feed the solution with big quantities of behavioural data and large number of tests to allow it to optimizes itself continuously, all without need for releases on your side.

Best data sources

The solution uses several of the world's best local data sources to keep typing to a minimum.

It also allows important data points such as email and delivery addresses to be validated behind the scenes, giving you better and more reliable data. All included from start.


More registered users

We have grown fast by giving our users
a great experience in every part of our product.

Partnering up with Regily was a no-brainer,
we loved the flow and already from day one
12% more users signed up

Tobias Carlsson,

CEO Rhinoceros operations ltd (WUNDERINO)

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One simple

Our unique front-end-only integration gives you instant access to the solution and all its built-in smartness. Let us deal with the complexity and free up valuable resources at your side

One of our senior developers
is happy to assist if needed.
Just reach out to


Our solution is globally localized and supports all countries


16 languages are available and new can be added by request

All devices

Mobile, tablets, desktop - the smoothest experience everywhere


Get the same data as today with a seamlessly branded registration flow. Just a lot less boring


We take security seriously and use industry leading encryption and security protocols

GDPR compliant

We never store any of your user data on our side. The solution is fully compliant with GDPR and lets you keep control of your user data

Let us take care
of your sign-up

We are bunch of geeks building a unique
solution for an everyday problem

Kristoffer Cassel


Achieving simplicity is difficult
but always rewarding

Alexey Kuznetsov


It's so cool working with
cutting edge technology

Youssef Kababe


I love to combine advanced logic
with great design

Pawel Chętkowski


There is nerdy kind of joy in achieving
daily customer deliveries

Joel Cassel


Want to join our team? We are looking
for talents all over the world


Regily team

Handling compliance is a lot easier
when you're involved from start

Maria McDonald


Working with brilliant people and
cool brands is my fuel

Markus Terland


Join our fight
against boring

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